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Poultry Seed Distribution

We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality poultry seeds sourced from trusted Ghanaian breeders. Our selection includes heritage breeds known for their resilience and exceptional egg production, as well as free-range varieties perfectly suited for the Ghanaian climate. All our poultry seeds are free from artificial additives, promoting healthy growth and superior flavor in your birds.


Cow Seed Distribution

We offer breeds specifically chosen for their adaptability to Ghanaian grazing lands and high milk yields. Our focus is on sourcing cattle seeds from experienced Ghanaian breeders, ensuring these animals possess the natural strengths and resilience needed to thrive in your local environment. All our cattle seeds are free from growth hormones and antibiotics, promoting the natural well-being of your herd.

Unlocking You Chicken Growth
with Ponderosa Seeds

Ghanaian Heritage Chicken Seeds

Raise robust, disease-resistant chickens known for their exceptional egg production.

Free-Range Chicken Seeds

Promote healthy growth and superior flavor with our free-range chicken seeds, perfect for thriving under the Ghanaian sun.

Ghanaian Pasture-Raised Cattle Seeds

Cultivate strong, well-adapted cattle perfectly suited for Ghana’s diverse grazing lands.

High-Milk Yield Cattle Seeds

Increase your dairy production with our high-yield cattle seeds, specifically chosen for Ghanaian climate conditions.

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